18) BeSt FrIenD MeAnInG

FoR me best friend is a person closest to your heart, a person where you can rely on, a person that makes you smile, a 

person that makes you laugh, a person that makes you think, 

a person that pushes you to the limit of your ability, a person 

that hugs you when you are in deep 

sorrow, a person that knows you well from your family, 

background, trait, how many are you in the family, how many 

pets you have, how many times a day do you eat, what are you 

up to, what are you doing, a person that can help you in 

everything that you can ask for.bUT Zaim ade terbace satu 

cerita ni Kat Google...Its About a guy Which Name 

Zosimos..Bff dia Name manman and Amirin..Satu Hari tu, 

kawan dia yg name Amirin tu pon Invite Zosimos ni dtg umah 

dia untuk study..So manman pon confirm ade skali dgn diaorg 

ni..tapi mase diaorg sume ni tgh khusyuk study..tibe2 je 

manman n amirin ni bergossip..agak melotops la sampi 

berbisik2 segala bagai..Zosimos ni pon ape lg tegur la diaorgni

pastu diaorg pon stop la bergossip.coz mase diaorg ni sume 

gossip..ade pulak terselit nama si Zosimos ni ish3 x patut 

kan kutuk2 kwn depan2 plak tu..kalau ye pon..sorok2 la skit 

kan ? hehe =D dah stop berbisik diaorg start message gune

 handphone msg2 plak da..tak ke terase si zosimos ni..wink*

from this story, we can learned that we must to respect our 

friend...Even dia truk camne pon..pandai2 la kite slow talk 

ngan dia


Anonymous said...

aku terasa laa zaim....(amir syakirin)

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