35) NeW U-TuBe AcToR, MaTluThFi

I always have the eagerness to find out who is Matluthfi..Who is he?? Sure korang akan tanya. Well. he is really one in a millions. He is really something. Using very common medium nowadays to promote himself in the Internet via You Tube, Matluthfi can be considered as cool and as creative like the famous Cikgu Shida or like Paku & Belacan. They share the same reason.. well..to become popular among the You Tube users all around the world (u can say that). But, Matluthfi, has his own creative way to become `somebody' in You Tube phenomenal. From my observation, each of his exclusive video has it's own value. Really informative and in da same way, funny, cool, and most important thing is, he added it with positive messages. Serious. I think i fell in love with his video making style. very comical. I knew him since i watched his video entitle Selamat Hari Ibu 2010. Well..maybe he've done so many video bfore dis which i dun know. but when i saw that video, OMG..i think he is so awesome. very funny guy. ( nampak cam elooookkkkk sgt pun ade.haha). anyway who is Matluthfi? From the very tiny minnie knowledge that i've known.

- He is a guy from Kedah (dughhh..obviously)
- Was born in 1990. so he is now 21 years old
-Dia minat gila sama band HUJAN
- Dia study kat Perth, Australia.
- err..tu je lah..

Hmm..serius..dia ni seswatu.. very talented..tak rugi tengok video korang time2 korang rasa bosan or rasa tensen..haha. tak caya, have a look at this link.. huhu.. Oh yes, i am officially MINATTTTT himmm...lalalalalaa. (if dia jadi actor or pelawak sure dia leh tackle semua rakyat Malaysia lahh.hahhahaa..bagus...anak sapa lah matluthfi nih)



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