62 ) Buffday CelebratiOn

Since mase kecik2 Lg Mmg kite truely Obses sngt Nk celebrate Buffday.!!
Don know why..hhehe tpi ni la fact dia..
Suke tanye mumy...buffday adik lmbt lg ke ??
hahah...But i stop celebrating my buffday after enter Secondary School Life,
I have Grown up !

But..10 mac occure every Years..
Does it mean i should celebrate it ??
haha tk pe..mmg Kena..hehe
So..Ni ade Jumpe Pic mase kecik2 dah celebrate ( even skrg kecik lg x tinggi2 . =P )

Ni mase Darjah 6 kot..

See ?? Muke pon tk matang2 lg heeh

So This Year Tetibe dpt IDEA...
aNd Decided nk Celebrate Dkt Fast Food Berdekatan Dah la..
Dgn kwn2
Anyway dh Form 4..
Next Year Last Sekola
urayyyy SPM ~
Present ?? OKy..
Kite Lain Sikit..I'm not hopping for
Present..just a susprise !! hehe !

                       ** Tu Je k bai **


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